From The Head of School Faculty If your children know more about technology than you do, then this site was created with you in mind. Social School 101 was conceived as a resource to help parents, just like you, raise children in a wired world.

As Head of School, I know the challenges of modern parenting. As an educational researcher, former early childhood educator,entrepreneur, and parent, I looked for answers about social media parenting. Noticing other parents overwhelmed by technology or avoiding it all together, I started the quest to become informed about issues relating to new media. When I began the search the information was fragmented, perplexing, and not easily accessible. Months of research turned into a mountain of valuable, much needed information.

It did not take long to realize other parents needed and wanted what I had accumulated. I knew other parents needed to strengthen their skills, become familiar with technology, and get a much needed digital update. They required research that related to the different developmental stages of their children. As an educator, I knew how to accomplish this.

I created social media documentaries for different age groups. I developed a way for parents to educate themselves in an easy to use format – perfect for today’s busy Mom and Dad. In addition to making educational documentaries just for parents, I also write a weekly column on our blog, Social School 101 called, “Ask Ms Social.” This is where you will find valuable tips to questions other parents are asking.

Every parent takes their responsibility seriously. For far too long parents needed answers but had no place to find them. You can:

  • Help your child navigate the online world.
  • Educate yourself by using our products.
  • Join in at “Ask Ms Social.”
  • Tell other parents where they can become informed.

We all have a role to play and mine is to simplify social media in order to create better, informed parents. Won’t you join me? Fondly, Ms. Social Head of School