Summer Reading List For Families

Family Summer Reading List

   Social School 101 has collected even more books to add to the  summer reading list for families. Our latest selections are filled with fabulous ideas on how to turn those long summer days into exciting moments meant to be shared. We have some wonderful solutions to that age old statement you have heard many times before, “I am bored, I have nothing to do all day.”  Now, is the time to start your list of summer activities and we have some great recommendations.

     This month in our summer reading list for families we have four you can choose from. Last month we shared four of our favorites to give your summer a jumpstart. You can review them here. We just had one problem when we started our search for ideas. We could not limit our favorites to just a handful. Lucky you! We found an abundance of books written by talented parents just waiting to share their great ideas.

Summer Reading List

Fifteen Minutes Outside is filled with ideas to create quality time outside away from digital devices. It includes ideas organized by monthly chapters.

Family Reading Night  allows parents to start a new tradition and instill a love of reading. Wouldn’t it be great if more families started doing this?

The Creative Family is a small little book with fun crafts and ways to incorporate creativity into your family.

Family Fun Night is the alternative to television that you have been searching for. You will find fun ideas to try, projects, and games.

     We have shared our favorites for our second summer reading list. Do you have any you would like to add to the list?


10 Facts About Cyber Bullying

10 Cyber Bullying Facts

10 Facts About Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a result of any online threats, intimidation, offensive language, continued harassment, or sexual exploitations aimed at your child. Here are some suggestions to follow if a cyber bullying incident occurs with your child.

8 Steps To Prevent Cyber Bullying

  1. Before an incident, talk with your children about specific people they should tell if someone makes them feel uncomfortable online. It could be a parent, teacher, or coach. The important thing is they know they should notify someone right away. Talking about it ahead of time gives your child a plan to implement.
  2. Tell your child not to engage in a hateful online debate. Many times others are trying to lure a victim into a flame war.
  3. Watch your child or teen for noticeable signs of distress. If their behavior changes or they do not want to go to school, you should be asking why.
  4. Keep records. If the cyber bullying occurs over the phone, then make a recording if possible. Log the time of day and how many times your child is being contacted.
  5. If the threats occur online, take a screen shot. Print off all evidence.
  6. Request a meeting with your child’s teacher and school administrator. Both should be present and be aware of the situation in the event it is occurring at school.
  7. Many times schools will not get involved if the cyber bullying is not happening on school grounds. If that is the case go immediately to your local law officials in your area and register your complaint. Take all evidence as proof.
  8. Consider contacting a lawyer if you feel you need to know your rights or if your child is not getting protection.

Our children need to be protected from bullies. If you have a cyber bullying incident, then do not hesitate to take action to prevent it. For further information view the article Cyber bullying How To Deal With It .

Apps To Monitor & Prevent Cyber Bullying

Prevent Cyberbullying

  Cyber bullying is one area all parents are concerned about. We would like to share several great apps that you should know about. Here are a few questions for you to think about:

Would you monitor your child to prevent cyber bullying if you had the opportunity? Are you worried that they are vulnerable? Many parents have these same fears.  It is estimated that every seven minutes a child is bullied.  Almost 60% of children admit to not telling their parents or another adult when they were threated online. How do we protect our children from cyber bullying when they are afraid to let us know they are being harassed?

     We have a list of seven apps for you to consider. These apps allow you to monitor your child’s texts, emails, social accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and smartphones. Some charge a monthly fee. Each provides a variety of services. Find one that you are comfortable using. I think these offer a preventative measure that allows parents to help their child before things get out of hand.

Cyber Bullying Apps Parents Should Know:

1.    Bully Block This app allows a child to report, block, or record a bully. It can capture inappropriate emails, which can be used as evidence. This evidence can be given to school authorities or a Human Resources department if someone is being harassed in the workplace.

2.    Find Help on Facebook Add a bookmark on your child’s Facebook account under the title “Find Help.” This gives you and your child instant help by providing phone numbers and links when an urgent problem needs to be reported.

3.   Go Go Stat This app allows you to try it for free. It will monitor activity on your child’s Facebook account.

4.   Safety Web This allows you the ability to track and monitor texts and instant messages. In addition to monitoring cellphones, they also patrol Facebook, My Space, and Twitter.

5.   Social Shield They offer a free program and a paid service. This app searches social networks looking for alerts. They monitor inappropriate language, drugs, sex, violence, and the addition of suspicious contacts/friends. It also searches photos that have been posted about your child.

6.   U Know Kids this app monitors Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and Instagram. They also monitor all mobile phones: Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

7.   Mobicip  this parental control app allows parents to set up anInternet filter that can monitor the computer or smartphone.

8.   Net Nanny This is not an app but a software package that you purchase. It protects against pornography, cyber bullying, and online predators. It monitors your child’s social networks and instant messages.

     We all need to work together to protect our children. Please share this list with other parents as one more step in trying to prevent cyber bullying.

Social School 101 is helping parents, children, and teens, to be prepared for a great school year!



Summer Vacation: The Summer Book List

Summer Vacation Book Recommendations

Our Top Picks For Summer Vacation

     Social School 101 has a great summer book list full of creative ideas to keep kids entertained on their summer vacation. We have created our featured reading list of  top picks for summer vacation to get you started on the months and days to come.

    Are you wondering how you will keep the kids entertained all summer? If you are trying to avoid countless hours spent in front of digital screens or the television, we have some great suggestions. It is time to start planning ahead for activities to keep kids entertained during the summer vacation season. With busy Moms and Dads in mind, we have a selection of books offering great tips.

     Summer vacation can be a time to create rich memories and also develop new interests. These books will spark some ideas so you can begin to plan the best summer vacation ever. We had a difficult time deciding on our favorite.  In fact, we will be offering more selections for summer vacation in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more great reads. We think you have a hard time picking a favorite!

    Wishing you a wonderful summer vacation season to come!

All the selections can be found on Amazon.

1. The Family Manager’s Guide To Summer Survival

2. The Staycation Jar

3. Places That Change Your Child’s Life

4. The Ten Best Of Everything For Families Travelers

10 Mistakes Kids Make On Social Media

ebook 10 Dangerous Mistakes Kids Make on Social Media
Social School 101 created an essential free ebook, 10 Dangerous Mistakes Kids Make On Social Media, to help protect children online and also to create confident Digital Parents. It is just one of the many social media education tools we offer and you can find it here. Digital Parenting is essential to protect your children online. You cannot always be there looking over their shoulder but you can begin to add guidelines if you know what your children and teens should avoid doing online.

Your children will never remember a time without the Internet, digital devices, cell phones, or apps. It is easy to see why so many parents feel their children know more about technology than they do. Parents need to take action and learn digital skills to better engage with their children and feel confident about keeping their children safe online. Until now, many parents have been reluctant to learn, do not know where to find answers, or just feel that the digital world has passed them by. This is your opportunity to become confident and informed about technology with the 10 Dangerous Mistakes Kids Make On Social Media.

At first glance social media looks very exciting to children. It is filled with new places and people. It can be  private or it can be public. It can easily be all consuming unless boundaries are established. Social media has many different venues: Face Time, Skype, Facebook, Kik, Instagram, and Twitter just to name a few.  With all these different platforms comes different rules for engagement and many times kids and teens do not understand the potential dangers of engaging on social media and different platforms.

Digital Parenting Essentials

The Internet has made it possible for children, tweens, and teens to:

  • Meet strangers and predators online and offline

  • Be exposed to online pornography

  • Be bullied to the point of suicide

  • Send sexually explicit photos of themselves or others

  • Make dangerous mistakes like sharing their location and

    advertising it to a global community

  • Ruin their reputation online before they have ever have a chance

    to be a teenager, go to college, or get a job

Remember that this is a free ebook. Be sure and share this informative guide with other parents, friends, and co-workers. We all need to join together to keep our kids safe online. Our goal at Social School 101 is to create confident and empowered Digital Parents by providing simplified solutions and products.
Our goal is to broaden, expand, elevate, and increase digital literacy. We believe every parent can make a difference.

10 Dangerous Mistakes Kids Make on Social Media

If your children know more about technology than you do, it is time for you to make the change and become a Digital Parent. Discover articles, educational tools and much more at Social School 101 and get started today! Here are a few more articles you may want to view:

Do You Still Think Social Media Is A Fad?

Think back and try to remember if you  were one of the people that thought social media was a fad? Do you remember when Facebook launched onto the scene a decade ago? Did you join the social site or think it would disappear once the new wore off? Did you predict that LinkedIn would be the go to source for companies to use as a recruiting tool? Were you an early adopter on Instagram or Snapchat? Were you a trendsetter and realized that social media would revolutionize our daily lives or did you disregard the hype and resist early adoption thinking social media was a mere fad that would quickly disappear?

Regardless of what your predictions were a decade ago, social media is more mainstream than ever. Here are a few startling facts:

Social Media Is A Fad?

1. Over 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month. This does not include the number of minutes spent on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

2. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is no longer college age students but instead females ages 55-65.

If you are feeling left out of the revolution you can search our store for products that will quickly integrate you to the ever changing world of social media.

Still think Social Media is a Fad?