About Social School 101

school_supplies    Social School 101 is an innovative education company providing solutions for social media parenting. Currently, there is an absence of available, easy to understand resources to educate parents about the benefits and complexities of social media in their busy lives. Parents want to know how to keep their children safe online. Our goal is to bridge the digital learning gap and increase digital understanding.

     Our products are inspired by an ideal: take the complicated issues surrounding new media and offer simplified solutions. At Social School 101 we’ve done all the hard work and research for you. We have listened to your concerns and taken the lead to bring you information in an easy to use format.

     We live in a constantly connected world. Fading quickly are the days of receiving news from a newspaper, writing letters, or communicating by phone. Change happens at lightening speed. At Social School 101, we have created products to broaden, expand, elevate, and increase your digital literacy. We turn complicated issues into simplified solutions.

     Are you ready to make a change? Don’t get left behind. Start today to become educated about new media. Let Social School 101 enable you to be a confident, digital parent.