5 iPad Tips for Parents

     There are so many wonderful features on the iPad.  We have placed the top five iPad tips every parent should know in one list for an easy to use reference guide. They include passcode protection, parental controls, turn off location, clear the cookies, and find my iPad. Sooner or later you will need to know these. Keep in mind the settings may be slightly different depending on which version you have. These are for the iOS 5.0+.

 5 iPad Tips For Parents

  1. Privacy Settings This allows you to set a four-digit code to prevent for people from accessing your device. Go to Settings, General, Passcode Lock. Next, turn on Passcode On. You can now enter your four-digit pin number.  If you would like to set a more secure code with letters and number, go to turn off Simple Code.  Now, you can enter your newly created passcode with added protection.
  2. Parental Control This allows the parent to control access to movies and prevents spending in the iTunes store. Go to Settings, General Restrictions. Next, select Enable Restrictions. You will need to enter your secure passcode you just created in Step 1. Move the slider from on to the off position to activate the restriction. Next, turn off the following three settings: Apps, Deleting apps, and In-App Purchases. When you are ready to remove the parental controls just select Disable Restrictions.
  3. Turn Off Location Many apps use your location. To find out which ones, go to Settings, Privacy then Location Services. Select the apps you want to turn the location off.
  4. Clear my Cookies Got to Settings, Safari, the touch Clear Cookies and Data. This will delete all your cookies.
  5. Find My iPad You will want to do this when you first get your iPad for added protection. Open Settings, find iCloud, and turn on Find my iPad.  To find your device, log into www.icloud.com then click on Devices in the upper left corner. You can select play sound to have the iPad make a noise you can hear to find its location. Another option is to click on Lost Mode from www.icloud.com This allows you to lock you iPad to display a message with your phone number so someone can call you to return your device.