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Modern parenting presents unique challenges to raising the first Digital Generation. Sometimes being a parent feels like the greatest job in the world and at other times it feels like the most terrifying. It may surprise you to learn that there are many parents and grandparents just like yourself who have questions and concerns about social media parenting but they do not know where to go for answers.

As an educational researcher in social media parenting, I created the first educational documentary to inform parents about digital literacy. I took the complicated questions about social media and delivered simplified solutions in an easy to use video format. Parents have many demands on their time and the video makes access convenient to your hectic schedule. It would be wonderful if children came with an instruction book. Until then, our Value or Deluxe Edition is a terrific solution to help you become a confident and informed Digital Parent. Don’t wait until there is an online accident to get the information you need. Invest in your child’s safety and purchase A Parent’s Guide To Social Media: Ages 3-8.

Introduction to the Videos

ss101_product_3-8_deluxe-413x300Your children will never remember a time without the Internet, digital devices, cell phones, or apps. It is easy to see why so many parents feel their children know more about technology than they do. Parents need to take action and learn digital skills to better engage with their children and feel confident about keeping their children safe online. Until now, many parents have been reluctant to learn, do not know where to find answers, or just feel that the digital world has passed them by. That is about to change!


Our goal at Social School 101 is to create confident and empowered Digital Parents by providing simplified solutions and products. Our goal is to broaden, expand, elevate, and increase digital literacy. If your children know more about technology than you do, it is time for you to make the change and become a Digital Parent. Join us at Social School 101 and get started today! We believe every parent matters!